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Independently recorded, produced and mixed - this CD is pure Mojo. The album features Chin's Mojo joined by a Symphony Orchestra. It captures the power of a great, original rock band that you already like. If you can't kidnap Chin's Mojo and force them to perform for you at knifepoint, this is the next best thing. Take Chin's Mojo everywhere you go with your very own CD. There are 17 tracks and most of them are just wonderful.

We sell these at a big ol' discount because we really want you to have one.

Want it autographed? Glad to do it,

You'll hear all of this:
1. House Of Sticks
2. Morphine
3. Benefits Of Lies
4. License To Kill
5. The Ballad of Anna Nicole
6. Obviously (Kingy song)
7. Drowning Man
8. More
9. Lucky
10. Makin’ Love To Celine
11. Empty
12. Nothing To You

Bonus - Acoustic
13. Benefits Of Lies
14. Obviously (Kingy song)
15. House Of Sticks

Extra Bonus - Video Soundtracks
16. Boys Are All Bad
17. Roller Coaster

You may order the CD using the buttons (below).

Or - You may buy them online (Amazon.com, CD Baby etc).

Or - You may buy them from the band (and save $ 3.50 shipping) at a Chin's Mojo concert.

CDs cost $ 6 each. Want more than one? Email us.





Limited Quantities!

Our "Flying Chin head" shirt is our first tie dyed shirt. It features a striking Chin's Mojo logo on the front. One day, when folks are segregated into groups of Geniuses and Dorks, make sure you are wearing your Chin's Mojo shirt. You will be safe and damn sexy!

We want you to wear it everywhere.
You can own one for exactly what it costs to make one. $ 9.77 each.

You may order shirts using the buttons (below). You may also buy them from the band (and save $4.50 shipping) at a Chin's Mojo concert.

Shirts cost $9.77 each, while they last





Shirt and CD You can own BOTH - the T shirt and a CD and get a BFF discount.

or more than one shirt or CD or whatever you want.
Email Chin and tell us your mailing address for an offer you can't refuse.


"This is where you buy the Chin's Mojo T shirt!" - Barrack Obama visits the Chin Depot Shopping Chinter in La Cumbre

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